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Hello! I'm Efraim Shapiro, owner and operator at Aspects of Wood, inc. Thank you for checking up on me!

I've been in residential construction and remodeling for over 40 years now, since I started working for contractors while still in high school. With all humility, I present the following: 

I have worked on grand Victorians in the Brookline/Newton area doing period molding reproduction on site, built custom mansions in Western MA from the ground up, built dozens of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and family room additions, hundreds of custom built-in projects, created theater sets for grade school and professional productions, built museum exhibits, Steampunk functional artwork, and even market my own patented woodworking tools.

I bring that broad range of experience to every job with one goal in mind: To make sure you are happy with the outcome. 

Here are a few ways I can distinguish myself from other remodeling businesses:

- The most important skill I bring to you is my ability to really listen. When you hire me I am in your service, so it's all about what YOU need- finished product, schedule and price are all factors that I work with you on to come up with a balanced, workable plan. 

- I specialize in small jobs. From $150 to $15,000, I can attend to small problems like a bad drawer slide in your kitchen, a sticking front door, or a wobbly table. I can build simple shelving and custom built-ins, remodel your kitchen and replace your storm door. 

- I am an expert diagnostician and problem solver. Over the years I have earned what could be called a Master's Degree in Fixing. Like a human body, there are many systems that comprise a functional house- Foundation, Framing, Insulation, Siding, Roofing, Wallboard, Cabinets, Plumbing, 120/240 volt and low-voltage wiring, Flooring, doors and windows, Paints and finishes healthy ventilation levels, and more! 

When one or more of these systems is compromised, the consequences can range from the inconvenient to the life threatening! ( gas leaks, mold, electrical fires, etc.) I can quickly tell what the issue is and come up with a plan to address it.

- Since I specialize in small jobs, I have many repeat clients. Like going to the same mechanic, when you call me you know what to expect.

- I count on a few subcontractors that require specialty licensing. They are professional, friendly, competent, and reliable; I only use people I would use in my own home.

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