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The most expensive room per square foot in the house to remodel, often with almost as many choices in design as a kitchen, Your bathroom requires great care and attention. 

I can help you through the entire process, from design to execution. 

Carpentry can be divided into several sub-categories, but nearly all have to do with wood. Structural carpentry also often  involves steel posts, beams, plates, and connectors, as well as concrete. Normal residential structural work, however, will mainly involve either conventional sawn lumber or engineered wood products. 

Finish carpentry involves all the decorative wood elements you see. Doors and windows, casing and other trim, cabinetry (kitchens are a specialized category of finish carpentry). Quality finish work demands good materials, precise joinery, adequate fastening and proper adhesion. 

The kitchen is the most important, often busiest room in the house, and should get the most attention.  Whether you want to simply tune up your current kitchen, or do a complete remodel, you want someone who understands the meaning of a thorough, well crafted job.


A door should operate like a finely tuned machine. It should open and close smoothly and quietly. The doorknob, deadbolt, lock or latch should engage easily. There shouldn't be uneven or large gaps at the top or bottom. 

I can install, repair, or replace doors, door units, knob sets, hinges, trim, and weatherstripping.

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